Help Me Find It – Sidwalk Prophets

This is one of my most recent favorite songs. With all that is going on right now, I feel that hearing this song serves as a reminder of what I need to be focused on. The other day I was in a bad place, mentally & spiritually, as I got in my car to drive to a friend’s house. As I turned the key, this was the song that was playing. It ended and the morning talk show came on. I’m not too fond of it so I switched the station. Can you guess which opening chords were playing? Yep, twice in a row; no coincidence about it. After a run and a good chat I was on my way back home, just a little low because I just wasn’t in the mood to get cleaned up and head to work. That’s when I heard it for the third time that day. It never gets old and it always strikes a chord in my heart. In this moment in time, this song is my anthem.