Princess for a Day

This past Saturday I got to be a princess. I just got back to work last week and was so looking forward to this. We hosted a “Frozen” event at one of our libraries and such great fun was had! We had games, crafts, snacks, and more all going on while playing the sing-a-long version of the movie. We knew it was going to draw a big crowd, because despite being about a year and a half old, Frozen Mania is still going strong. Plus it’s been a cold week and I know some parents just wanted to get the kids out of the house. We estimate that we had about 200 people there! So many little Elsas and Annas running around (there was even one Spiderman).

I, myself, dressed up as Anna. She has quickly become one of my favorite princesses for her spunk and charming awkwardness. I admit, I had no idea what I was going to do for a costume until a week prior when I mentioned it to a friend. She helped me pull something together with items she already had and a little magic on the sewing machine from the both of us. It was a far cry from professional, but I felt like a princess, for sure.

I had the privilege of greeting everyone as they came in. When I first went out into the lobby there were two or three little girls waiting with their parents. I swear I head a tiny gasp from one when she looked up to see me and the look on her face was pure happiness. Apparently my costume was convincing 🙂 At some point in the afternoon I heard one little girl call out, “Anna!” She then proceeded to ask me where Elsa was. When I told her I was not sure, perhaps on an adventure, she decided she was away in her ice palace.

I won’t lie, I loved the attention. But even more, I loved talking to the kids (and parents) who came out for this crazy event. At one point I talked to a little girl, who couldn’t have yet been two, as she was in her daddy’s arms. Placed on her head (atop her very little hair 🙂 ) was a paper crown (one of the crafts) with colors scribbled all over. I went over and commented on how lovely it was and asked her if she made it herself. Her big smile and “Yeah” was all I needed to know that I am in the right place. And if that wasn’t enough, her daddy’s “Thank you, for this,” definitely sealed the deal.

I can’t say exactly what it was, but in crouching down to their level and talking to the kids there was something magical. At times I felt it was because I had this giant full skirt and crinoline around me. I remember wondering if this is what the women who are princesses at Disney feel like. I wonder if they know what a huge impact they have on little girls when they wait in line forever just to meet them. Regardless, I felt like a princess that day and I hope I was able to pass that feeling of specialness and magic on to the kids I came in contact with as well.

Love & Blessings,



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