Spring is in the Air

 It seems to have been an unusually long winter here in New Jersey, but spring has finally sprung! Our last snow was a few weeks ago, so I think we’re safe (but don’t blame me if it snows tomorrow 🙂 ). Weather is starting to get warmer, plants are sprouting, and all is well. It was particular nice last Thursday. As I drove back to the main library from doing storytime at one of the library branches I rolled the windows down. Sun was streaming in and there was this wonderful smell; this earthy, fresh green grass, everything-is-new smell. I couldn’t help but smile as I observed, in awe, all that God has made.

In case you’ve been hermitting away, here are some photos to show you spring is actually here and you can stop hibernating now 🙂


This is a mystery plant that appeared a couple weeks ago right by my front steps. I do not remember planting anything there and am excited to see what it becomes…fast forward to today…


Tulips! They have not bloomed yet, but reliable sources (thanks, Kimmy) have confirmed that they are tulips. Still not exactly sure how they got there, though…

Last week we had some strange weather and I woke up to frost/ice on my windshield. It was around plants too which was odd I thought. It reminded me of slushie ice.


It was a little out of place as the trees were budding and starting to look so pretty.

P1080621 P1080615

Coming home I saw another sure sign of spring and was delighted to get a good shot of him.


Today was lovely and I didn’t have to go to work until later in the afternoon. I was going to take advantage of the weather and cut my grass…but the lawnmower had other plans. After trying to get it started and having someone else try to get it started, I gave up on that project but thought I should still do something outside. I got some lovely pansies from some friends for Easter, so I planted them!


Ok, they were a little sad looking, but that was mostly my fault as I got them last Wednesday and hadn’t watered them since…I did give them a good drink once they were planted and when I got home tonight I noticed that a few had already perked up.

In order to plant the pansies I had to clean out all the leaves from my flower beds and was happy to discover this little guy.


It might not look like much to you, but I was so happy to see it (and a few more!) It’s my tiger lily starting to come up again. With the crazy weather I thought I might have lost them, but they just hadn’t come out of hibernation yet! As I got all the leaves out I came across them, just where they should be. I planted one 3 years ago and last year 3 came up. I’m excited to see how many I’ll have this time around. Perhaps I’ll split them up soon and “spread the wealth” around my yard.

I hope you are all enjoying your spring so far! Be sure to take some time to marvel at this awesome creation, but don’t forget the amazing Creator who deserves all the glory & honor for it all.

Love & Blessings,


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