Creative Friday: Aprons & Teddy Bears

Ok, so my idea for posting fun stuff I’ve made or am working on on just Fridays hasn’t really worked thus far. I’ve had a few ideas since it’s after Christmas (and gifts have been given), but then Friday comes and goes and I haven’t posted anything crafty….so here it is, even if it is Saturday 🙂

These are a few things I made for Christmas presents. I made a few aprons from some old jeans (old and a little too big) and some fabric left over from other projects. I found a couple different tutorials – thank you, Pinterest. This one from Creative Green Living uses the front of the jeans and look like overall shorts. I, however, ended up using this one from A Girl and a Glue Gun. It was pretty easy and used just one leg of the jeans so I was able to make 2 aprons out of one pair. The thing that took the longest was cutting & ironing the fabric for the edges. I ended up doing a couple things differently from the tutorial. I made long ties for the around the neck instead of just the loop; I wanted to make sure the wearers would be able to adjust that how they wanted as they weren’t here to try them on. I also used wider pieces of fabric for along the top and the bottom of the aprons. There was a little frustration with the sizing as I was making them for people smaller than myself, but I was thrilled with how they turned out (plus the fact that once I was on the right track with the sizing, sewing was the easy part).


For the one with the ladybugs I was able to use the back pockets from the jeans. I found the idea to make this apron somewhere else initially and had already taken the seam out down the inside of the pant leg. For the other I used fabric from another pair of jeans for the pocket; I just traced the outline of the original pocket onto it. I also followed the tutorial for cutting the pant leg right down the middle of the back. I’m not sure which way I like better, as it was a little more difficult to make it look symmetrical the second way, but the bottom did seem to lie flatter. Pros & cons, I guess.


I also made this cute bear. I’ve made a number of them over the past few years for little ones. The pattern is fairly simple and quick to make. If it is a project I’m really focused on I can usually finish it in a week. A few years ago I bought some pattern books from Barbara Prime’s Fuzzy Mitten line. The pattern for this bear was included, but this link to the pattern is her updated version.


I didn’t make the overalls this time around. Instead I knitted a hat and scarf. I made up the patterns for those myself. The scarf wasn’t hard, but the hat took a few tries to get the right number of stitches so it would fit his head. Sadly (as it happens often) I didn’t think to write down the pattern as I knitted it. I’ll figure it out next time around 🙂 The one change I made to Barbara’s pattern was knitting all of the pieces in the round instead of flat. I really despise sewing seams, so I make sure I don’t if it’s not necessary. As soon as I”m done with my current project, I have a few more of these cuties to make.

I hope you have some fun crafts in the works! Maybe these inspired you to look up a few ideas or make them completely on your own. I’ve said it once, and you’ll probably hear it again; my favorite thing about the creative process is just that – being creative. I find making patterns my own, whether is be with little tweaks here and there or big changes, that I had more of a part in creating the item. That being said, there is nothing wrong for following a pattern as is. I have actually learned that the hard way more than once. I am guilty of thinking I have a better way of executing a pattern without really knowing the purpose of a certain section, or just not reading it through properly. I once knitted a couple of dog ears in the round only to find out I was following the pattern the wrong way as they were meant to have a seam at the top and not the side – oops. We all live and learn. And if we find a way to make it better along the way that’s an added bonus.

Love & Blessings,



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